BC Serna

Awaken your Heart Find your Purpose

BC Serna

Awaken your Heart Find your Purpose

Hi, I'm BC Serna!

BC has spent the last decade traveling to over 80 countries around the world working with all kinds of people, companies, and non-profit organizations.

He’s been teaching and leading people how to heal their heart, awaken their souls, and become the most radical and loving truest versions of themselves.

Everything he couldn’t find from community, to content, to events, to mentorship he just ended up creating the culture himself. From The Traveling Good, to Pursuing Purpose, to his online audience over 100k love tribe members he feels as he’s just beginning his story!

BC Serna
“Better to live a short life of doing what you love and makes you happy, than to live a long life miserable and full of regret.”

Years of mentoring heart-led leaders, & community building

Kids, Youth, Leaders, & Parents directly impacted and mentored

Members of my Love Tribe, a community cultivated through storytelling, working with nonprofits

My Mission

My mission is to make people feel loved, seen, heard, encouraged, and celebrated daily!
To alchemize apathy into empathy, cultivate a conscious community of heart-led leaders, transform pain into purpose, and start a revival both internally within you and externally around you.

“Live a life that Demands Explanation and hold nothing back from your possibilities of turning every painful moment into Purposeful Magic. The world is waiting for You.”

- BC Serna



A force of Nature

“Some say great mentors are forces of nature. BC Serna is a nature of force, he connects straight to the heart at hello. His energy and sincere passion is contagious”

– Tommy Spaulding

New York Best Selling Author & Leadership Speaker

Playful creativity + Deep Heart Work

No matter the field of endeavor, BC has a powerful recipe of playful creativity combined with deep heart work to provide an integrated coaching experience for an individual seeking to become a more authentic, connected and heart led leader.”

– Janelle Orsborne

Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

Masterful coaching work

“BC has a passion and seasoned ability to help in defining what purposeful living means to you. Along with how to utilize your influence to impact others.”

– Mitch McVicker

Personal Development Coach


Here are the best ways I can help you to awken your heart & find your purpose

Online Program + Retreat

Purpose Mastermind

A 6 week leadership & self-development program that will help you to awaken your heart & find your purpose.


1:1 Coaching

A custom 1:1 coaching container, ranging from 1-3 months including growth work, intimate workshops, & application in real life.


Guest Speaking + Podcast 

With over 10 years of mentoring and hosting conferences, I absolutely love curating conversations through podcasting and guest speaking. I’d love to connect with you! 

Want to connect deeper?

Pusuing purpose Podcast

Listen to find your
purpose meaning inspiration

Tune into my new podcast where I talk about all things purpose.

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